July 20, 2015

Work Experience

Everything happens for a reason.

Let me introduce myself concerning the work experience and graduations that I have. It will be long but worth it.

I graduated from a French university with a BTS in International Trade (yes in France we still don’t know that the bachelor is the minimum everywhere else) and a Licence (Bachelor) in Marketing. Of course in France we have a lot of weaknesses. But one thing that is really interesting and has to be promoted is the fact that when you’re a student you can find a company (not an easy task) that will pay your tuition fee at the same time that you’re at school. I worked for a company from Wednesday afternoon to Friday afternoon and was at school from Monday to Wednesday.

You have a salary and experience for your resume !

For my part, I found a logistic company in Strasbourg (France) in the sales department for 2 years with a training period in Goteborg (Sweden). Going in a new country like this is fantastic especially when you are paid to enjoy the Swedish atmosphere and the working habits of this wonderful country.

After graduation, I found a new logistic company in France for my bachelor (1 year) that allowed me to get 3 years of experience at the end of my ”student life”.


It’s always good if you have time (of course you have), to do some internships for different NGOs (Non-governmental organisation) that you can add to your resume.

When I came to Canada after my bachelor and Belgium experience, I heard a millions times: “You don’t have any Canadian experience, I’m sorry.”

I know it can be frustrating, and I said to myself: I need to find a NGO to have this precious first Canadian experience.


From the French perspective, Canada is an eldorado and especially the Quebec province because they speak French (Ah Ouinnnn) but trust me, the only eldorado that I know is in my dream.

You need to stand out from the crowd and trust me there is a lot of competition now. I remember one time I was one of the last candidates for a job with 4 other guys from ….. France too!!

I don’t want to scare anybody that wants to come to Montreal, it’s just to show the real picture.

Where am I now ? 

After my NGO experience in Montreal, I was hired by an IT company in Quebec city and ohh by the way if you are working in the IT field, just come here, you will have a job in 5 min.

I came back to Montreal and was hired thanks to LinkedIn; this social network is really interesting to find a job everywhere in the world (except in Greenland maybe). I will develop more about LinkedIn in a future post and will give you some interesting tips.

Currently working in the marketing department for a start-up cloud company based in Montreal.

Aloha my friends 😉

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