October 31, 2015

New Job / New Town


Hey hey,

A lot of things has changed in the last 4 weeks. My original plan with the Asian project and the come back in Europe have been postponed. You have to take opportunities when they come to you and that what I did with this interesting job opportunity in a new city with a new mentality and new atmosphere.

Toronto here I am !!

Montreal and Toronto are in the same country but when you moved from one city to the other one, trust me it’s completely different!

Montreal is European, and Toronto is more North American. The english side is different too in Toronto where a lot of people don’t speak french or just some words. That a thing i have to admit that I like here and one of the things I was looking for. I will not bite the hand and say that I was fed up of Montreal but it was the right time to move on and discover a new “country”. Because even if  Toronto is in Canada, it’s totally different from the Quebec province. A famous french movie called “Love lasts three years” can match with my philosophy.

I have been working for 3 weeks there and everything is perfect. I work for a biotech company with many interesting projects and with a team that is very dynamic and is here to help me in any case. Every time that I go somewhere and somebody hear me speaking in french they’ve got a nice word for me, especially in this time with what happened in Paris 🙁

So many travels that will come for sure with an airport that proposes more destinations all around the world.


Stay tuned, I will talk in a new article about the difference between Montreal and Toronto when i will know a little bit better this city.




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