August 25, 2015

My Top 10 Apps for Traveling

Nowadays with the expansion and the growth of the smartphone, you can’t miss theses applications before,during or even after traveling.


Before traveling

Hopper (free):

Hopper analyzes billions of flights to help you find the best deals and the best times to fly and buy. The thing that I really like with this software result in the fact that it looks like Google Flight  but in an cellphone format and it comes from Montreal !! You can set up prices alert, have some tips and even receive predictions for a flight where price will increase or drop.

Hipmunk (free):

It’s a great tool to find a  flight and hotel. Excellent display of flight options. It seems like Hopper but with a litle improvment and better display concerning hotel research. Hotel search includes Airbnb !

XE Currency (free):

The best live currency app with a great design. It offers live proprietary exchange rates and historical charts.



Wifi Map  (free):

Don’t tell me that during your vacation you will leave your phone in a box and switch on at the end of your holidays, I don’t believe it ! Can be very helpful if you want to save some money of data fee. Great design like a Google Map.

TouristEye (free):

This app it’s like you regroup in one place: Airbnb + Tripadvisor + Google Maps + Lonely Planet (this last one acquired Tourist Eye). With TouristEye you can check the feedback of other peoples with pictures, that can help especially for restaurant or attractions.


Featured Apps

Snapseed (free):

If you like to take some pictures and add effects, new colors and great plug ins, that’s the right app for you. You will look like a professional photographer !

Party with local  (free):

New app so I think it needs some improvement but the concept is fantastic ! I’m sure the title explain everything. A new way to meet locals, make new friends, find the best local bars and clubs and maybe your travel soul mate. Operate very easily with a chat section, a localisation map where you can select your preferences (how many km from your position…).

Facebook (joke).


The only ”App” that you really need on top of these ones is : Travel!


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