August 4, 2015

Montreal Coffee Shops

One of the many things that I really like in this city, is the possibility to try a new coffee place everywhere in MTL. Of course, the coffee looks similar but you can enjoy your coffee in a new cosy and comfortable place with great pastries every week.

The best things to do is to try by yourself every place and discuss with people. More and more coffee places are implementing some tables where laptop and wifi are not allowed and I think it’s a great idea !!


As you can see the best spot to enjoy organic and independent coffee places is on Plateau. (metro station : Mont Royal, Laurier)

Café Plume  (123 ave du Mont-Royal Ouest, Mont Royal metro station)

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable/passionate about their brew. No laptops on the weekend, feels good to sit in a coffeeshop where you can actually see the faces of the other.

Try the Cappuccino, one of the best for me in MTL. The pastries are good but very rich, don’t go if you are trying to loose weight :).




Café Melbourne (4615 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal)

I really enjoy this place, especially when i want to feel the Australian vibe in Montreal. The owner comes from Melbourne and you can feel it with the decoration and the music. He’s a funny guy, when you ask why did you come to Montreal from a sunny and hot country. Just ask by yourself 😉

The coffee is really good but don’t go if you just want to eat something, there is a small choice of pastries.




Le Couteau  (4627 Rue Saint-Denis, Mont Royal metro station)

I’ve been on a quest to find the best café in the city – a delicate balancing act between quiet cozy-hip ambiance, great pastries and transcendent coffee. I may just have found it at Le Couteau.

Definitly the best if you’re looking for the combo coffee and pastries. They propose a large choice of coffee beans from everywhere in the world, very interesting to hear the story and of course to enjoy it !

They are doing the same thing as Café Plume with the no laptops table and it’s very pleasant to come back with a normal discussion with strangers people if you’re alone.




Buck 15  (3027 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Lionel Groux metro station) 

Ok the place is tiny but extremely clean and well lit, kind of an ikea magazine ad. You just have a community table and window seats but you feel great with the nice services from the 2 girls and the amazing coffee machine. Try the Coffee late with the avocado brunch recipe during the week end !




Le Moineau Masqué  (912 Rue Marie-Anne E, Mont Royal metro station)  

The thing that I really like with this coffee is the location ! Located in the Plateau but 2 min away from the main street, it’s magic. This is a true neighborhood cafe, which captures the Plateau spirit. The baristas are friendly, real, and full of personality, in the very best way. I love the exposed brick and light fixtures. It’s really a lovely space. I always pick up a coffee late (of course i don’t order a hamburger and a coke).


moineau masqué coffee place


There are so many coffee places in MTL but for the rest of the coffee adventure, you have to enjoy it by yourself.

Try the Pikolo, KitsuneHumble Lion coffee places… and ENJOY !!


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