August 9, 2015


What is LinkedIn

Before going deeper, here is a little story about this professional social network that can help you in a way to find a job. Created in 2003, currently the third most popular social network in terms of unique monthly visitors, right behind Facebook and Twitter.

Its the professional Facebook. It allows you to connect with people from everywhere in the world, from different companies, and professional titles. You can’t miss this tool if you’re looking for an international position, want to work abroad or just want to have the latest updates of your field.

How to use it ? 

Very easy to use, it’s like fill in your resume online, with all your experiences, companies names, the skills that you have. Add some connections from the company you work for, and of course from other companies and different departments (Marketing, Sales, HR, Business development…), add a clean picture for your profile. Don’t forget that LinkedIn is focused on adding many connections, it’s not like Facebook where you have some private pictures that you don’t want to share. Many friends are telling me that I have too many connections (+2500) and I don’t know everybody. Well I don’t know everybody but if you’re every day on LinkedIn with some interesting posts (news, quote, facts…), people will come more easily on your profile and will want to learn more about your professional background.

LinkedIn Profile Tips 

1) If you’re looking for a job you have to be present everyday on LinkedIn. Post some news, quote pictures, facts, figures.

2) Add, remove, and rearrange entire sections of your profile from the most interesting for the recruiter to the boring one.

3) Get endorsed for your skills

4) Check out how your profile looks like from the outside (View profile as) 

5) Use LinkedIn Badges On Your resume (QR code, LinkedIn logo, URL address)

6) Be Active In LinkedIn Groups

7) Apply for jobs easily with the LinkedIn job application

8) Add Projects, Volunteer Experiences, or Languages

9) Request a LinkedIn recommendation from C levels position (if you have recommendation from everybody in a company it will look weird)

10) Add a minimum of 500 connections (it’s a lot but if you have 30 connections, the recruiter will think you’re not active on this social network)

11) Follow some companies, industries news so you will have the latest update and job offer too

12) Like, comment, share news of your connections or from companies (always good to look active and take into account the thinking of your connections)

13) Subscribe to a premium account (I know it’s a little bit expensive 30$/month) it’s worth it ! You will appear in first position when a headhunter is looking for a guy like you in a specific location


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