July 19, 2015

Google Flight

Before planning anything for a trip, or a new experience abroad, you have to set up a budget right?
I am using this plugin since 2 years and it’s perfect to find an airplane ticket all around the world !
It is easy-to-use and if you have a gmail address, you can set up some price alerts.
You can find some good deals like: Montreal to San Jose, Costa Rica : 480 CAD $!!

Some tips with Google Flight : 

1. Don’t know exactly where to go? Search for a general area, and see a map of specific flight prices.

2.Google will tell you which flight is the best option for your purse.

3.It’ll also show you the lowest price for any given day on the calendar.

4.Automatically see tips that will save you money.

5.Once you find a flight, let Google flight monitor the price for you.



 I know we are living in a globalized world but don’t forget to check if you need a visa.

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