July 26, 2015

10 Life Struggles All Expats Will Understand

1. It’s almost impossible to find the same food than you have in your home-country and you feel angry.

angry with the local food


2. Dealing with visa and applications seems like a nightmare.


nightmare with the visa-expat life


3. And applying for, and receiving, a residence permit can be a mission too.




4. Remembering to bring along voltage adaptors for all your electronics is a major difficulty.




5.  When you return home for vacation, you feel like a stranger.


stranger,globrod,travel,return home


6. When you find a new food product from your home country, you feel like you just graduate.


party hard, home country food


7.  Family means more to you than ever before.


love family,globrod


8. When people behind the counter at supermarket think you’re a tourist because of your accent.

globrod, counter, expat life


9. You Probably Brought Too Much Stuff.


it will fit


10. You’re the real master of the local currency.




But despite all the difficulties, being an expat is worth it,
because you know every day feels like an adventure.


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