July 20, 2015


All You Need is Ecuador.

South of America is fantastic if you want to meet nice people, have a tight budget and discover wonderful landscapes and beaches.

So many countries with different cultures and activities.

Ecuador is a really good choice with a lot of beaches, mountains and history. I felt safe in this country.




If you stay for 10 days here is what you need to visit:

1. Quito and the Telefériqo Cruz Loma,(picture 1) for a magnificent view of the city and the east side of Pichincha Volcano. Keep in mind it can get pretty cold on top and sometimes even foggy.

2. In the city (it’s the highest official capital city in the world), take the Quito Tour bus starting at Boulevard Naciones Unidas. What’s interesting is that you can get off the bus at every touristic spot (12 in the city) and take it back when another one is coming.

3. During your tour bus trip don’t miss the Gotic Churc named La Basilica (the Pope was here a few weeks ago). Climbing the steep to one of the church towers is definitely suggested, even if you are not afraid of heights. After this, go back to the old town for a walk (don’t forget to breathe and take a break), take the direction of the Plaza San Francisco in Quito old town and finish it off with an amazing museum Guayasamín with modern art and pretty stunning pictures. Add a bit of green energy to your day by visiting the Quito Botanical Garden with an area of 18.200 square meters of vegetation and wonderful flowers.

Spot: Hasta la vuelta Senor is the perfect place in a nice and old Ecuadorian house (picture 3) that has the best Ecuadorian dishes. Try ”Locro de Papa” and ”Hornado de pavo o pernil”.

4. After a long day try some local bars to feel the energy and local atmosphere. La Mariscal or Gringolandia area offer you a bunch of choices to savor the local scene.

5. Just when you think Quito city has no more secrets for you, head for the Quilotoa Cotopaxi lake. A wonderful place (picture 2) located 200 km from Quito. The view and the peaceful atmosphere that you will have well worth the ride !

6.  Montanita is a place for adventure seekers. This was my favorite part of this Ecuadorian trip (sorry Quito). It’s a small coastal town. To reach this paradise, you can take a plane from Quito to Guayaquil (90$ for the round trip) or a bus. I took the bus to come back in Quito, trust me the plane is much better. Montanita is still a small place and that is the biggest advantage of the ”Little Amsterdam”. It seems like everyone knows everyone in the village with some night clubs, space cake and marijuana (not the reason why I went !!) sold directly on the beach. Due to the low cost of living in this village you can find pretty and cosy bungalows directly in front of the sea at a reasonable price (Hostal Kundalini is really nice!). The best Ceviche in Ecuador that i ate was from Montanita.


The end of my trip is where yours begin.

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