July 22, 2015


Yes i’m referring to the island and not the famous blue drink.

Flying from Montreal to Curacao in September is not to expensive. Using Google Flight (again !!) you can get a round trip for about 500$ !!

Curacao is located in the Caribbean Sea and in front of the Venezuela. Curacao is one of the five island territories of the former Netherlands and is part of the ABC islands with Aruba and Bonaire.

Wild side

If you want to discover this island you need to rent a car ! It’s impossible to get to the most beautiful beaches without a car (if money is not a issue, rent a helicopter, that can work too!).

For the first 4 days I decided to head north and stayed in a very quiet bed and breakfast (see map) with an amazing view on the sea (pictures).

There is nobody on the beach and you can see some beautiful fishes just 15 m off the coast.

You have access to a beach almost to yourself. If you like snorkeling, you can see some beautiful fishes just 15 meters off the coast.




Most of the best beaches are located in the north (red circle on the map).

My favorite beach was the : Grote Knip (picture below) with its crystal-clear turquoise water and long stretch of soft white sand (free entrance).




Kalki Beach, Forti Beach & Piscado Beach, Little Knip Beach are also astonishing !!!

I will stop talking about beaches, otherwise i will take a one way ticket back to Curacao (with Google flight of course).



Willemstad is the capital of Curacao with a lot of typical touristic activities and the famous color houses located on the harbor (nice but after 5 min it get boring). I would suggest staying 1 or 2 days maximum.





In the beginning of my trip i stayed in a bed and breakfast to enjoy the wild side of this island and save on costs. But at the end of my trip in Willemstad i decided to treat myself to a really nice hotel in front of the sea with beautiful colors, really nice room and great staff !!

Bij Blauw is a wonderful hotel if you want to rest, visit the museum (the slave museum is really interesting by the way) and have an amazing view during the sunset.




A great place to eat and enjoy the Curacao night atmosphere is definitely the Ginger carib cuisine restaurant that is really close to the Bij Blauw hotel (2 min walking) and build in an authentic local style. 


You don’t need to be Cousteau to see some turtles and there are some beaches where they come more easily. Go to Playa Lagun in the north and if you’re patient and lucky you can find one of these wonderful creatures. For my part I was lucky…





Bon Bini !

(means Welcome in Papiamento)

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