August 18, 2015

Costa Rica


I finally booked my next vacation spot and again i come back in South America. Why ? Because the population is very gentle, friendly with beautiful landscape and it’s cheap.

I will travel all around the country with a friend that I met on Couchsurfing. Diving, hiking, sunbathing, that will be the program.

Schedule :

To do this program of course you need to rent a car ( approximately 150$ for the week without car insurance) 

September, 1° and 2° in San José

-Poás volcano, Alajuela city: 2 hours far from San José
(you can see the crater).
2-3 hours approximately
$15 fee entrance

-La Paz WaterFall Gardens, (rainy jungle) Alajuela city
2-3 hours approximately
$40 fee entrance
$15 lunch

-Tour around San José city, 4 hours approximately
$15 dinner

September, 3° and 4° in Montezuma, Puntarenas
To go to montezuma you need to go by Ferry from Puntarenas to Cobano
San José to Puntarenas: 1 h 30 min
Puntarenas to Cobano (ferry: 5, 9, 11, 14, 17:30 and 20:30 ): 1 h 30 min
Cost: $1,50 per person $23 per car
Cóbano to Montezuma: 2 h

Things to do:

Free entrance to the Waterfalls and the National Park
Canopy (Zip lines) $45
Near beaches: Santa Teresa, Mal País: 13 km


September, 5° and 6° in Bat Island, Guanacaste (specific area for diving)

Things to do:

Diving with the sharks

Near beaches: A lot (Tamarindo 30 km far away)

Catamaran tour $50 approximately


September, 7° and 8° in Arenal Volcano, Fortuna, San Carlos

El Coco Beach to La Fortuna

Things to do:
Hot springs: Exists one hot springs for free, usually just the Costa Rican people used it, because is under a brigde. (but you looks not the target to do that, we can try anyway).
-Baldi Hot springs: day pass include lunch or dinner $56
-Hot springs Los Laureles: Day pass $13 or $7

Arenal Volcano National Park
Fee entrance: $10

Rio Celeste, 2 hour far way from La Fortuna
Fee entrance: $12

Here you can do zipline, rafting, canopy, horse riding, etc.


September 9°,10°  in Tortuguero, Limón

La Fortuna to Tortuguero
Here is the adventure:
La fortuna to Cariari- La Pavona 4 hours

In La Pavona you leave the car in a parking (Safe parking) $10 per night
Boat ticket $4
2 hours by boat to go to Tortuguero. 7:30, 13:30, 16:30

Things to do:

Turtle night tour: $25
Canoe tour: $25

Tours for two nights with:
2 nights in cabins by the beach with private bathroom, sometimes breakfast, and a tour guide to jungle hike (fee entrance to the national park are not include), turtle night tour and canoe tour, around $85

Tortuguero to Escazú

Tortuguero to la Pavona: Boat ticket $4
La Pavona to Escazú: 4 hours


Back the September 11 ° in San Jose to chill, relax, enjoy the last day in this wonderful country and back in MTL the day after.

When I will be back (if I come back of course) lot of pictures, videos will be published. Stay tuned !


Hasta Luegooooo

pura vida costa rica


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