July 20, 2015


I can’t start this website without talking about my Canadian experience.

I left France beginning of 2013 to come directly to Montreal during the WINTER (yes in bold because winter here you have to be ready for this).




I came here with some expectations (remember my article about the Canadian eldorado seen in french TV program?), I thought that after my landing I would have received an official reception with red carpet, job offer and trumpets but nothing (ok I’m kidding). Going outside of the airport with the -35 Celsius degree is the only welcome that you will have. At the beginning, I had a friend that invited me for some weeks to sleep in her flat as I was looking for a job.

First week, First impression 

Since the beginning I was surprised by the kindness of Canadian people. It might be the case due to hard winter (from January to March the winter is really cold !) that everybody is very helpful and friendly here ! People draw closer together in times of need.


Like I said in one of my first posts on this website (Welcome in my world), it’s not an eldorado (except if you work in the I.T and video games industries) but if you are ready to roll up your sleeves and work, this country is really interesting.

First thing to do before and during your job search is to set up and update your LinkedIn account. It’s really important and I will write a specific post about it soon !!

1) Find a job in a NGO, if you cannot find a job in your field yet

2) After some months of experience, you can try to find a job with the help of some job websites like : Jobillico, Jobboom‎, Isarta (especially this website if you are looking for marketing,communication job in the Montreal area), Indeed, Workopolis and of course employment agencies like Randstad, Adecco

3) Can be good to be present at some of the chamber of commerce meetings where you can distribute some business cards and use for the first time your expensive shirt

Daily Life

When you go abroad just be prepared for food expenses (special mention when you come from a country like France with the culinary heritage that we have).

In one word : Expensive. You can expect a budget of 100-120$ per week (100-120$ per week)

But the good news is contrary to some places in Europe the apartment rentings here are really interesting and not so expensive (for 3 rooms in some places you can have it for 1100$)

For a better understanding and with the Montreal subway map i will show you the best places :

From Rosemont to Sherbrooke metro station

If you like to be on the spot and directly in front of the fancy restaurants, night clubs and designer fashion boutiques (one of the most expensive area in MTL)


From Lionel Groux to Champ de Mars metro station

That’s the new fancy and good value for money option if you want to rent something new and not so far from downtown. Called Griffintown, it started as a repository for Irish immigrant laborers, with old warehouses, and now there are be good looking condos.


From Place St Henri to Snowdon metro station

If you’re looking for peaceful and quiet area thats the place for you. Located close to Udem university (Cote des neiges and Université de Montréal metro station) you can find a very nice flat like the one I had with 3 bedrooms a new kitchen and a big living-room for 1200$.






You need to find a flat : Kijiji

You need a new bed base : Kijiji 

You understand that with Kijiji you will find anything for your flat and you can sell everything at the same time, even your girlfriend (its a joke ok !).


A tantôt !

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